Local Temp Agencies

I have been working with temp agencies in my area since about 18 years ago. While many people would prefer direct hire situations, I am a fan of this employment service in Columbus. Here are several reasons this is a much better option.

The first is the fact that I do not have very good interview skills. I know what should be done, but anxiety always makes things happen far different from what I had hoped for. I can practice all of the time and know exactly what I want to say, but the moment I am in front of a potential employer I choke. Temp agencies tend to place you in a position without an interview being necessary.

Another reason why I liked going to agencies is the fact that they are privy to positions that are not open to the public. There are many companies that do not post all of their available jobs in newspapers or on the Web. As a result, there is no way to become aware of them unless you have the inside track. Many businesses partner with temp agencies, which means that heading there for help will give you access.

There are some occasions when you receive better pay because you are working through an agency. Employers pay a hefty fee to get help from these companies. You are offered a portion of this fee in exchange for your employment. Some of them are more reasonable than others, and you end up making more than employees that work directly for the company. For instance, a health insurance company I was placed at paid $18 an hour for each temp and the agency paid me $11. When I was hired directly by the company at one point, I was only offered $10 per hour.

Being stuck in a position you do not like for a long time can be a real pain. Once you sign contracts, it is important that you see them through, even if the job is not to your liking. When you work in a temporary position, you are only required to work for a limited time. If you are offered a permanent job, and you would prefer not to continue your stint there, you can decline and ask your agency to find you something else.

Sometimes you only need a job for a short time, which would make an agency quite appealing. For instance, if you are a school bus driver, you are typically unemployed during the summer months. Instead of taking a pay cut and collecting unemployment, like my mom’s best friend, you can take on a new position for a little while before going back to your regular grind.

Working in a short-term position is not something that is for everyone, but it can be a godsend for others. In case you have been wondering whether this is something you want to consider, you should have enough information available to make a decision.